Kesha and the Creepies to perform for spring concert

Kalyn Hayslett, Editor-in-Chief

Students watched in anticipation as the stop clock ticked down from 16 seconds; then the banner slowly unveiled Kesha and the Creepies as the performers for the spring ’17 concert during the men’s basketball game Thursday night.

Some of the students were ready to purchase tickets for the April 1st concert seconds after hearing the announcement, while others were not impressed.

Natalie Fadden, freshman communications disorder science major, said she loves all of her songs and plans on going to the concert.

“All of her songs are jams. It’s going to be a really lit concert,” Fadden said.

Kesha’s songs include “Tik Tok,” “Timber” and “Blah Blah Blah.“

Sam Gilbert, sophomore political science major, said she plans on standing right in front of the stage to get as close as to Kesha as possible.

“We will be on the barricade and hopefully she sweats sparkles on us,” Gilbert said.

According to, Kesha’s song “Tik Tok” peaked on the charts in 2010, which was during the time most students were in middle school or in high school.

Aaliyiah Lewis, sophomore psychology major, said whenever she hears Kesha’s songs she is reminded of her high school days.

“Kesha brings back old memories: high school dances, games and sitting in your car with your friends singing at the top of your lungs,” Lewis said.

During the announcement the Pink Panthers Dance Team and the Eastern cheerleaders threw red and black t-shirts to the crowd.

Symiya Amos, junior sociology major, said she is not looking forward to the concert because she not a fan of Kesha’s music.

“Really out of all the people,” Amos said. “She is not my type of music. My perfect pick is Beyoncé, but there is no way that was going to happen.”

Kayla Van Dike, senior early childhood education major, said she not as excited about the performer as she was for Panic! at the Disco, but she will still go to the concert.

“I mean I will go see her. I wasn’t expecting her but it’s OK,” Van Dike said. “I went to Panic! at the Disco. I loved it. I’m a really big Panic! fan,”

Some students were expecting Chance the Rapper as the performer for the concert, while others were starting to compare it to last year’s concert.

Abbi Chacon, sophomore history major, said she enjoyed last year’s concert and hopes this year will be just as fun.

“Me personally I listen to Panic! at the Disco songs more but it would but it will be fun to see her back,” Chacon said.

Elizabeth Wilson, freshman 2-D studio art major, said she was expecting Chance the Rapper to perform, but she is happy either way.

“I think it is just a fun community thing to do. I am a freshman so that’s why I’m so excited I get to see a concert for cheap,” Wilson.

Others just enjoyed the experience of the basketball game.

Jessica Rodriguez, senior marketing major, said announcing the concert at the game was a great way to get people to cheer on the basketball players.

“It’s a nice idea to get people to get people excited about the concert and have people support the basketball game,” Rodriguez said.

Students have two weeks to purchase tickets before the general public can buy tickets.

Student tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at the Bus and Ticket office on the third floor in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.


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