CAA prepares for vitalization issues

Chrissy Miller, Administration Reporter

The Council of Academic Affairs held an unofficial brainstorming session before their official meeting time to help them prepare for the upcoming weeks of vitalization issues and class proposals.

Kinesiology and sports studies professor Stacey Ruholl said the proceeding would most likely require the General Education Committee. Ruholl said the Learning Goals Committee will also be a group CAA members should be a part of.

“Including this week, we have six weeks and so I was thinking this week we’d save for brainstorming and finding out what sort of data sets we’d need to collect in order to make good decisions,” Ruholl said. “Next week maybe consider inviting representatives from two of the programs that are being considered for elimination to present their rational as to why this shouldn’t happen.”

After some consideration, the CAA decided that it might be better to have representatives from all the programs being considered come in during week three to give their presentations. Ruholl said by week fve, she’d like to have a rough draft of recommendations formed.

Family and consumer sciences professor Richard Wilkinson said it might be helpful to send some questions out to the departments to help guide them in what the CAA is looking for.

While this may help the departments, geology professor Barry Kronenfeld said he fails to see how Workgroup No. 7’s disorganized report will help anyone. Without basic structure like having a table of contents and being bookmarked, Kronefeld said it is hard to make sense of even the portion of the document that matters in this situation.

“When I submit my portfolio for review, I submit a document that is clearly organized, and bookmarked and titled,” Kronefeld said. “I am having the hardest time just getting started with this Workgroup No. 7.”

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