Students bring Chinese New Year to U.S.

Kennedy Nolen, Multicultural Reporter

Clad in traditional dress and eating Chinese food, students from the Chinese Student and Scholar Association celebrated the new year.

Qian Cheng, president of the Chinese Student and Scholar Association, wore a traditional Chinese tunic called a “changshan.”

Some women wore a traditional Chinese dress called a “qi poa” or “cheongsam,” which is a tight-fitting dress made popular in the ‘20s by socialites in Shanghai.

The celebration started with a buffet-style feast. It included spring rolls, almond tofu and a variety of meats.

Students from the CSSA had friends from different cultures join in on the celebration.

The Chinese New Year gala was projected onto the screen at the celebration. It included a parade and performances by dancers, singers and stand-up comedians.

After the guests finished their meals, a band performed.

It included students Qianqian Tang, Xuan Xing, Yuxi Mao and Nuo Xu, who performed the song “Bye Bye Bye” by *NSYNC.

Hulusi player Xueting Sun performed after the band.

A hulusi is a wind instrument from China that has three bamboo pipes passing through a gourd.

Everyone was offered a chance to join in on the music with karaoke.

Games like relay races were played and the night wrapped up as participants made dumplings, which symbolize wealth.

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