Student Investment Society share thoughts on stock market

Samantha Barileau, Contributing Writer

Even though changes in the stock market during the 2016 presidential election shocked the members of the Student Investment Society, they are still excited to see where it goes under the influence of President-elect Donald Trump.

The Student Investment Society is a registered student organization in the School of Business. Students in the society are responsible for maintaining a portfolio and investing in real stocks, with the goal of generating money for scholarships given to students.

Barrett Ancelet, a member of the SIS, said he expected the stock market to have a solid jump if Hillary Clinton won because of her insider connections on Wall Street.

“I expected that the market wouldn’t respond well if Trump won the election,” Ancelet said.

SIS treasurer Tom Hackenberg said he expected the stock market to break down if Trump won but remain stable and make a profit if former Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton won the race.

Ancelet said no matter the outcome of the election, his investments in the Pfizer pharmaceutical corporations would still benefit. He said the stability from Clinton would not create any losses, and Trump’s win would increase his profit, because Trump wants to appeal the Affordable Care Act.

SIS secretary Jordan Moore said he was kind of upset, because he thinks he should have invested before the election.

SIS president Jack Ryan said Trump has experience in infrastructure spending and will create a stimulus for the economy. He was less surprised at the substantial changes in the stock market.

“The stock market went down out of fear, not logic,” Ryan said.

Moore said he believes the stock market will eventually plateau despite current growth and then gradually drop.

All of the members said they are excited to see where the stock market goes from here. The members said they are curious to see if the growth will continue with Trump as president.

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