Enrollment management revises preliminary draft of recommendations

Abbey Whittington, Associate News Editor


Workgroup No. 3, focused on enrollment management, revised a preliminary draft of its recommendations at their meeting Monday, which will be sent to Eastern President David Glassman, vice presidents and unit leaders Tuesday.

Each member looked at the draft beforehand and made edits to the recommendation during their meeting.

The draft began with an executive summary, and music professor Paul Johnston said he does not know if he would want to lead the summary with information on a vice president for enrollment management.

“While I think it’s probably good to talk about structural issues, I don’t know that (the vice president) is what I would lead with,” Johnston said.

Institutional repository librarian Todd Bruns said his thinking on the executive summary was to set the context and go into what the group’s recommendations actually are.

“These things back up what our plan already is, which is to hire a VP of enrollment management,” Bruns said.

Some of the potential recommendations in the draft discussed at the meeting include but are not limited to: improving technology support resources, investing in people and resources to enhance recruitment, continuing increased resources for programs or services, and implementing changes or efficiencies to increase student enrollment.

Some ideas regarding the continuation of increased resources for programs or services include investing in mobile-friendly technology, training staff in financial counseling, employing more students on-campus and partnering with community colleges and in technology to simplify the transfer process.

This section of recommendations also discussed expanding staff and resources to increase capacity for prospective graduate students.

Other sections of potential recommendations included renaming and rebranding Eastern’s conditional admissions program, decreasing confusion by offering simple submission criteria for freshman and transfer populations and centralizing all graduate application processes in MyEIU.

Johnston said he thought recommendations on investing in on-campus student employment and expanding staff and resources to increase capacity for prospective graduate students should be changed in the draft to rank above other recommendations.

The group will meet again Tuesday to finish revising their preliminary draft of recommendations and submit them by 4 p.m. Tuesday.

The group said they could not share more of what their recommendations were until after they had been looked at Glassman, vice presidents and unit leaders.


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