‘Creepy clown’ spottings prompt speculation

Marisa Foglia, Pop Culture Reporter


With the appearance of clowns all over the United States, people have wondered what their purpose is and why the sightings are coming out now.

Theories as to why the clowns have appeared have differed between students.

Gabby Going, a junior psychology major, said the clown hysteria can be traced to the remake of the movie “IT.”

“I think it’s a combination of people getting excited about ‘IT’ coming back, as well as some type of sick joke about Donald Trump and ‘The Purge,’” Going said.

Going said she has never liked clowns because of the movie.

Bryce Green, a sophomore psychology major, said he knows the clowns came here to create panic and mass hysteria.

“This is the end of days. It’s all going downhill from here,” Green said.

However, his irrational fear of clowns makes him think he should take it seriously.

Clowns have been a common phobia for people for years, and now that fear is only getting worse.

Lindsey Caudle, a senior biological sciences major, said she never considered clowns scary or an actual threat.

But now that the clowns are popping up, Caudle said she finds the clowns “a little creepy.”

None of the students have witnessed any clown sightings in the Charleston area, but they have noticed them around their hometowns.

Green said there have been a few clowns around his hometown of Chicago.

“I just try to stay away from where the sightings are,” he said.

Jordin Kirk, a junior psychology major, said a clown briefly followed her sister in her hometown.

A majority of students said they believe people have the right to dress up as clowns, as long as they are not threatening or physically harming others.

Green said that as long as the clowns are not hurting people, they can do whatever they want.

“It should definitely be watched closely though,” Green said.

Kirk said police should get involved if the clowns have weapons and are threatening to hurt someone.

“If the clowns are just trying to scare you, just ignore them,” Kirk said.

Caudle said people can dress up as clowns if they want, but should be prepared for the consequences that come with it.

Caudle said she expects a surge around Halloween, but after that the clowns will go away.

Kirk said she thinks the clown sightings have already died down a bit since there have not been many more reports.

“People are used to it now and not really paying attention to it anymore,” Kirk said.


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