Students anticipate Gaga Super Bowl show

Marisa Foglia, Pop Culture Reporter

Some students at Eastern are already looking forward to Lady Gaga’s performance when she headlines the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2017.

Last year, Gaga was a trending topic on the Internet after she sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl. However, to some this was not a memorable performance.

Mina Wilkerson, a sophomore pre-nursing major, said she barely remembered Gaga’s national anthem performance and hopes that her halftime show will be better.

Olivia King, a sophomore English major, said she missed Gaga singing the national anthem but later watched the performance online and thought she did a good job.
At this year’s show, King wants to see a Gaga sing a medley of songs that came out throughout her prime.

King said Lady Gaga is an icon and deserved to be chosen to perform at the halftime show.

Dominique Brown, a sophomore middle level education major, said she wants to see Gaga’s top hits performed instead of her more obscure songs.

“If it’s anything with Tony Bennett, I don’t want it,” Brown said.

Wilkerson said it would be cool if Gaga and Kendrick Lamar or any other hip-hop artists collaborated at the halftime show, though she does not think this will happen.  Wilkerson said she wants to hear some songs from Gaga’s “Bad Romance” era performed for the show.

The general consensus for students who were asked was that they wanted to hear Gaga’s top hits from her first two albums.

Although some were glad to see Gaga headline, others were hoping Beyoncé would headline again or at least be featured in Gaga’s show.

Brown said Beyoncé’s performance was her favorite halftime of all time.  Brown especially wanted to see Gaga headline with Beyoncé, and said she has hopes of them creating a second part to the song “Telephone.”

King said her favorite halftime performance was Justin Timberlake’s, but Beyoncé was a close second for her.  Wilkerson’s favorite performance was also Timberlake, minus the incident he had with Janet Jackson where Timberlake exposed Jackson’s nipple during the show.

Wilkerson said the incident was historical in a bad way and made the performance memorable.

King, Wilkerson, and Brown all thought Gaga will be a memorable performer for Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017 and that she will bring a crazy, fun vibe to the show.


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