Band fills park with music, comfort

Kalyn Hayslett, Editor-in-Chief

Under the glow of the Kiwanis Park lights, the Jed Adam Band performed a mix of both original and cover songs for community members Tuesday night.

Audience members shouted song requests for the band, yelling and whistling after their original song, “Comfort.”

Charleston resident Tami Lewis said the band’s sound is fun, exciting, warm and relatable.

“You can relate to the things he is saying, and I like the messages in his songs,” Lewis said. “I can’t wait to see what else they can come up with.”

Josh Morrison, backing vocalist and electric guitar player for the Jed Adam Band, said out of the thirteen songs the band performed, he connects the most with “Comfort.”

“Comfort seems like the one song that feels the best out of all the songs,” Morrison said.

Drummer Kyle Heynen said when he performs, he tries not to think about anything but fully embracing the music.

“There was a moment during “Comfort” that my hairs on my arm stood up,” Heynen said.

For over a year, the band has performed together under the musical direction of lead vocalist Jed Adam.

Lewis said Adam’s voice makes the songs distinct from other bands that are currently playing in the Charleston area.

“It’s in his voice,” Lewis said. “I haven’t found anyone that sounds like him.”

Adam is responsible for writing the lyrics of the original songs, and the entire band provides input and suggestions, Morrison said.

The band is based in Effingham and currently has an EP album of six songs.

The album’s songs were influenced by country, bluegrass and gospel genres, but Adam said the band wants to change musical directions.

“Our sound has changed over the year,” Adam said. “I hope to be a more rock, R&B, soul group because that kind of music speaks to me.”

The band will begin working on a full-length album in December that will be released in the spring.

“Technically, they are just on it,” Lewis said. “These guys have the skills.”

Bob Worman, bass guitar player, said he desires for listeners and audiences to enjoy the music but ultimately have a mental response to it.

In between their original songs, the band performed selections from The Beatles, The Eagles and Wings.

Charleston resident Donna Keller said the band’s music transports her into the ‘70s, where the people and the music was filled with love and peace.

“There is so much chaos and so much hatred in the world and these songs just makes you feel good,” Keller said.

Adam, Heynen, Worman and Morrison spend time together both on and off-stage.

While performing, the members turned to each other, made eye contact and leaned in each other’s direction.

“In those moments when you try to push the music you have to connect with each other first,” Morrison said. “It’s subtle, people don’t notice but it’s there and it makes a difference.”

The friendship between the members translates on stage and improves not only the sound but also the performance, Heynen said.

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