ROC Fest kicks off with student trivia contest


Angelica Cataldo

Demarco Owens, a sophomore family and consumer sciences major, John Becker, a senior family and consumer sciences major and Kyle Callahan, a freshman Kinesiology and Sports Studies major represent Weller Hall while awaiting the next question for the history portion of the ROC Fest Trivia Contest.

Angelica Cataldo, Entertainment Reporter

Marissa Damore, junior family and consumer science major, organized a trivia contest Tuesday night in the McAfee Gym that kicked of the 2016 Residents on Campus Fest.

The ROC Fest is the biggest program Damore has planned as vice president of community engagements.

Helping run the event was the president of the Residents Hall Association, Nick Bamert, and emceeing the question reading was the RHA communications coordinator Kiyla DeVoss.

“It’s been so smooth. I’m so impressed.” Bamert said.

A little over 100 students attended the trivia contest representing all 11 residents halls on campus.

A group of young men sat together representing Douglas Hall. President of Douglas Hall, Anthony Torrance and vice president of Douglas Hall, Shawn Hammers participated in the contest along with freshman history major Ian Holden, freshman Tommy Brown and freshman social studies teaching major Storm Moore.

The five of them hovered closely over their answer sheet quietly but quickly discussing what answers to write down.

“I’m here to support my hall,” Torrance said. “My job is to oversee everything.”

The whole team felt that each member that attended had something to offer for each category of questions.

Moore said he had helped to write some of the questions that were asked as part of his job as the RHA representative of his hall.

Damore had each resident hall’s RHA representative come up with 10 random questions and turn them into her. Then, Damore sorted the subjects of the questions into eight separate categories like pop culture, history and Eastern history.

From there, students from each residents hall could attend and create groups of at least five people, and each resident hall can have more than one group representing it. For each member that attends a resident hall would gain one point.

After a series of trivia activities like questions, word searches and crossword puzzles, residence halls with the most right answers had teammates come up to the stage and participate in minute-to-win-it games.

Students were asked to empty an entire box of tissues using only one hand during one minute-to win-it game.

After each game and round of questions, teams’ scores were tallied and added up to determine which hall won.

The winning teams would win various prizes, as well as have points that go to their final score at the end of ROC week.


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