Zeta Phi Beta bring a splash to campus with water balloon fun

T'Nerra Butler, Verge Editor

Water balloons will be sent into the air and splashed right on to the members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority at “Coolin’ with the Kitties”.

The water throwing and splashing festivities start 4 p.m. Friday in the South Quad. For the past week, the Zetas have brought different events to the campus in honor of their designated week.

Events like “Z-Dubs” and “Greek Code” were included as a way to spread the sorority’s name on campus and gain student participation, Sierra Snell treasurer for the chapter said.

Snell said the campus and student population’s participation has declined ever so slightly.

She said it could possibly be because a large portion of students comes from Chicago, or neighboring towns and have become accustomed to staying in.

“A lot of the students who are coming in are from that area and parents are programming their kids to stay in, don’t go around violence and keep to yourself,” Snell said.

Snell said those tactics cannot be brought down to school and games like “Splash a Zeta,” can bring students out of their comfort zones.

Activities like this allow the women to be silly, Hillary Fuller, the president of the chapter said. She said the campus gets to see that Greeks are not standoffish, like some may think.

“We’re allowing you to throw a balloon at us, that says enough” Fuller said. “ We’re women, we have makeup and hair to worry about.”

Snell agreed, and said the Greeks are not vain like many label them as.

“We go to the same classes, go to the same parties and eat at the same dinning halls as everyone else,” Snell said. “ There is nothing different other than we have three letters that follow us everywhere we go.”

In preparation of the week, Snell said the women came up with a couple new events.

The newest members were told to brainstorm ideas that the campus has yet to see, Snell said.

She said Greek weeks allow members to celebrate and allow interested members to reach out.

“It’s a highlight for the organization, it gives them a time to shine,” Snell said.

The women are also participating in Special Olympics: Family Festival, which is 8 a.m. Friday at Lakeland College. The sorority will partner up with Olympians, playing games and participating in events.

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