“Song Stage Midwest” features diverse acts

Angelica Cataldo, Entertainment Reporter

Eight artists will be featured when “Song Stage Midwest” is filmed 6 p.m. Friday in the Doudna Fine Arts Center Theater.

During “Song Stage,” these artists will perform live and compete against one another to be the final winner of the contest.


The audience will have the chance to vote for their favorite performer via text and can purchase a ticket for $7 through the Doudna Fine Arts Center.


Christiana Ball

From: Waynesville, Mo.

Age: 29

Ball is originally from Georgia, and has a band of her own that she performs with. Ball described her performance as an alternative country and blue-grass style. She said she does not want to label herself to just one genre, explaining that she wants to expand her horizons in the future.


Cedd the Light

From: Kansas City, Mo.

Age: 33

Cedd the Light came up with his stage name to convey how his music is filled with positivity and motivation. He hopes to “activate other people’s “light.” He describes his style as a crossover genre from indie and alternative pop. He has been singing since he was 9 years old and playing the guitar for 12 years. Cedd the Light’s mother is a music teacher, so has been around music his whole life.


Brian Locascio

From: Kansas City, Mo.

Age: 20

Locascio will be playing on stage with his bandmate Rodd Fenton, 24. They will be performing indie-alternative music. Song Stage reached out to them from their ReverbNation webpage. Locascio and Fenton’s band has been together for two years. Locascio will be playing an accordion during his performance, and has been involved with music since he was 8 years old. Fenton has a degree in music technology from the University of Central Missouri, and Locascio is studying music therapy at the University of Kansas.


Dave Bartlett

From: Chesterton, Ind.

Age: 41

Bartlett will be performing what he describes as an indie-acoustic style set. He had his own band but has not played live for almost three years. This will be his first time back after his musical hiatus. He has been writing and playing music since he was a teenager back in the 1990s. He admires the bands Sparkle Horse and Local H.


Teri Lyric Green

From: Lake St. Louis, Mo.

Age: 34

Green is originally from Chicago and calls her style “neo-soul hip-hop” or hip-hop infused with poetry. She has played in front of an audience of 20,000 people, was nominated for a Grammy back in 2014 and has her own Pandora station.


Juan Luchini

From: Clayton, Mo.

Age: 25

He describes his style as a mix of folk, pop and reggae.  Luchini has lived in Argentina and performed there with numerous other musicians. Luchini said he has improved as a musician and singer by performing with other artists he thought were better than he was at the time. He has been around music since a very young age and had a band he performed with frequently. He will be performing solo for Friday’s live event.


Jessamyn Rains

From: St. Louis, Mo.

Age: 38

Rains describes her style as “folk impressionism” and will be playing the piano for her performance. Her father is a pianist and bought her a drum set when she was 7 years old. Her influences for her music come from ‘60s and ‘70s folk singers like Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon.


Pha Thaprawa

From: Chicago, Ill.

Age: 21

Thaprawa is originally from Thailand before moving to Chicago for the second half of her life. She will be performing pop music. She picked up the piano when she was around 6 years old, and all throughout grade school and middle school was part of the orchestra. She has never taken professional music lessons. The two songs she will be performing for Song Stage have not been heard by anyone except for her boyfriend and family.

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