Column: Swear less, look smarter

Chris Picazo, Copy Editor

If I have learned one thing about college students over these past two weeks, it is that we sure do curse a lot.

Why use an adjective to describe something when you can use a curse word that perfectly captures your emotion and describes whatever you’re trying to describe in great detail?

College students sure do love to swear, and we apparently love it so much that we have to use one every other word to make sure the world understands how angry we are with it.

While many college students think swearing is super cool and makes us sound super edgy, we should probably learn other words in the dictionary too.

I admit that I can be guilty of saying the occasional curse word to express whatever I am feeling at that moment, but I have also learned there are times and places where saying swear words is just not appropriate.

When swear words become 75 percent of your vocabulary and come out often in a classroom or when in a professional setting, that could be sign to learn to control your language.

Sure, you probably sound cool to your peers, but curse words may not always be appropriate, and research done by says that there are approximately 1.02 million words in the English language.

There are plenty of words out that can help fix that pesky swearing problem, and you will also learn a new word in the process.

Chris Picazo is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or
[email protected]