CAA to vote on course proposals

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Editor


The Council on Academic Affairs will be looking at a pair of potential new classes at their next meeting.

The two classes are PSY 3760, the Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making, and PSY 4810, Neuropsychopharmacology.

PSY 3760 is about how individuals make decisions and the processes behind them. It also covers strategies that could help people make better and more effective decisions.

Neuropsychopharmacology, according to the course proposal, is the study of the neural mechanisms of drugs that influence thought, behavior, sensation and mood.

The psychology department will send a spokesperson to the meeting today to field any questions or concerns the council may have as a whole.

History professor Debra Reid said for something to reach the CAA, it must go through reviews at both the department and college levels. It then goes to the CAA for a final look-over and final voting.

“This is the third layer of review,” Reid said.

All 13 members of the CAA look at the proposals and are able to ask any questions or express any concerns they might have to the department representative.

Greg Aydt, adviser for the academic advising department, said he saw the proposals that will be talked about in the next meeting.

“Someone from the department will definitely be there to present the case for adding these classes to the options in the psychology department,” Aydt said.

Aydt said he has no questions or concerns about the proposals, and Reid said the proposals were well written.

A representative from the psychology department is needed for the new course proposals.

“They will probably start out by giving a little background about the process of what they were thinking when they were making these classes,” Aydt said

The CAA does not have any committee reports for this upcoming meeting. They will also be looking over waiver appeals from this past summer and will discuss pending items.

Pending items are items the CAA have been made aware of and are waiting on to get to their level. Those include a pair of course revisions for World Archeology and Consumers in the Marketplace.


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