Evangelist to bring message of love


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Clay Harrington

Jason Howell, Editor-in-Chief

Speaking on a message of love, evangelist Clay Harrington will be the speaker at Saturday’s Unity Rally at 5 p.m. at Kiwanis Park.

Addressing the rally at 7 p.m., Harrington’s message focuses on the country today and improving racial, generational and cultural unity — and how to do it in a Biblical worldview.

His message acknowledges the existence of racial tendencies and prejudicial mindsets.

“We can sow seeds of discord or we can sow seeds of unity,” he said. “Which side of the fence do you want to be on?”

The Urbana-based evangelist travels to spread the message of love, speaking at a church in Lexington last weekend and sharing his heart after the recent tragedies that have gripped the world.

He spoke about “redirecting them to the source of life, the source of love and really challenging people to really embrace that, embrace Him, embrace that person — Jesus, and that will help us to overcome evil — instead of being overcome by evil.”

He also challenges the church to go back and look at what Jesus is saying.

“Jesus Christ said have no fear, don’t worry about what’s going on in the world, I will overcome the world, now you can overcome evil with good,” he said.

Harrington has been on the receiving end of racism, recounting a road trip he took with his family and how they were denied service because ‘“some don’t like black people.’”

“‘What do you mean black?” he recounted. “I’m black?”

Even though they left when faced with a “prejudiced mentality” his parents still adopted a loving worldview.

“How do we overcome evil? We overcome evil with love,” he said.

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