Column: Count your blessings, opportunities

Liz Dowell, Copy Editor

As the semester comes to an end, one thing we need to realize as students of Eastern is how many opportunities we have here being college students.

I am graduating this semester, and as I look back, I remember all the opportunities I had during my three years at Eastern and my three other years at my previous college.

I have talked to other seniors who are also graduating this semester, and they are also excited and sad that they are leaving.

One senior said one of the opportunities she had as an Eastern student, studying abroad, was because of how affordable Eastern is.

Another college student said that she was glad she went to Eastern because of the publication opportunities.

I am also excited and sad that my college career is coming to an end. I am glad that I started college six years ago and met one of my closest friends before I transferred to Eastern.

I am happy how small Eastern is because I was able to have one-on-one conversations with my teachers whenever I needed it.

I am also blessed with the fact that if I ever needed to walk into my adviser’s office, I didn’t always have to make an appointment because of how small Eastern is.

There were plenty of times when I wanted to quit college.

Even before I got to Eastern I was ready to walk out of my community college. But because of my determination to continue, I got accepted into Eastern.

When I got to Eastern it wasn’t until my second year that things got slightly better, but one thing that I know for a fact is that I am glad I did not give up.

Be it you’re going to college because your parents wanted you to, you’re trying to get a better job, or you’re trying to prove something to yourself, college will be tough, and you will fail at times.

But the biggest failure is when you give up. When you finally succeed in graduating, the feeling of achievement is all yours.

Eastern gives student many different avenues for success. You could continue on from Eastern to graduate school if you like.

There are some Eastern graduates who have gotten jobs right out of college from all the opportunities Eastern has given them to help build their portfolio, and internships are even an option because of attending Eastern.

I am sad and extremely happy now that I am reaching the end of my last semester.

I am excited that I am finally finishing my college career, but I am sad that I will have to say good bye to college life.

College is the only place in life where you can show up to class in PJs with a mug of coffee for a final exam without judgment (I did that two semesters ago).

So goodbye Eastern, hello new life.

Liz Dowell is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].