Letter: Suspending bylaws does not help

Jack Cruikshank, Senior political science major

I would like someone to explain to me how organizations on campus are allowed to vote to suspend their bylaws to correct an infraction the organization itself has inevitably just committed.

In my time at Eastern, I have seen numerous organizations partake in this undemocratic process in order to avoid having to accept the reality that something might have been done incorrectly. I have seen faculty groups, such as the Council on Academic Affairs, commit this violation many times, as I used to be reporter for The Daily Eastern News.

Now, we have this problem leeching into student organizations, and it is troublesome, to say the least. How is this teaching students anything positive? It says that if one were to fail in life, that failure is acceptable; clearly, changing the rules is an easy solution to any problem.

To anyone reading this: I would like to know how organizations deciding to suspend their bylaws is teaching anything positive to the Eastern student body. Clearly, the bad habits are rubbing off on our Student Senate. Email me if you have any ideas at [email protected].

Jack Cruikshank, senior political science major