Pemberton Prom hopes to be swimming success  


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Students use Pemberton Prom to dress up and have a good time with their friends.

Raquael Logan, Verge Reporter

I hope you can swim this year, Pemberton Hall will host its very own “Under the Sea” Prom.

Each year Pemberton Hall’s executive board generates numerous ideas in the hopes of providing an intriguing time for the students.

Miranda Haywood, hall council exec board member, said “Under the Sea” was the building’s theme for the entire year, which inspired the prom’s theme.

“We have a theme for the whole year that is picked my the Hall council at the end of last year, I was on board during that time and thought that there was a lot that we could do with under the sea,” Haywood said. “I think that the theme is unique and a fun way to tie in hall council into the prom.”

The prom will take place at 7 p.m. in Pemberton’s Great Hall.

Those who have enjoyed themselves at Pemberton’s Prom last year will be pleased to know that nothing has changed except for the addition of a new theme.

“This year isn’t much different from last year. The decorations will be different and there is a change on where the money is going,” Haywood said. “ But it is still a great event that everyone seemed to love last year and will hopefully love again this year.”

All of the proceeds will go to HOPE of East Central Illinois, a foundation that provides services for domestic violence survivors and victims.

Pemberton Hall chose HOPE as their Paws for a Cause this year.

Paws for a Cause is when residence halls partner up with an organization to raise awareness and to raise funds or to help in anyway the residents can.

The cost is three dollars for a single ticket and five dollars per couple.

During the prom, students will be able to dance the night away to trendy music, enjoy a variety of tasty snacks and take selfies with friends.

Pemberton’s execute board is responsible for planning the prom as well as Assistant Resident Director Amber Byrley.

Candice Basista, hall council president, said the planning is challenging because of the multiple components that go into the Prom.

“To be honest, the entire process is quite stressful and takes weeks to plan,” Basista said.

Haywood said decorating the Great Hall is one of the more time extensive parts.

“I think the most challenging part as a past president of Pemberton is not choosing a date or theme it is the day of decorating and hoping that people not only show up but has a good time as well, and want to continue the tradition for next year,” Haywood said.

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