NACWC gets in formation

Abbey Whittington, Entertainment Editor

With the mission of boosting women’s confidence, students filled the dance studio in the Student Recreation Center and danced to the songs “Formation” by Beyoncé and “Work” by Rihanna in the “Let’s Get in Formation’ Beauty and Confidence Dance Workshop” hosted by Eastern’s chapter of the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs.

Before the group danced to famous popstars’ hit singles, participants sat in a circle in the dance studio and discussed how everyone defined what beauty is and what made them beautiful.

Yakela Hall, the public relations representative of the NACWC, said the group discussion was before the dance so everyone could feel like they were in a welcoming environment since everyone is different.

“We want women to honor other women and to feel comfortable,” Hall said. “We are more than society depicts us as, and we want to show how we can be independent.”

Briana Walker, the parliamentarian for the NACWC, said during the discussion she defined beauty and confidence as not just seeing beauty for what it is on the outside but for what it is on the inside as well.

After the discussion on what makes each participant beautiful, the group of girls stretched before learning the two dances.

Maya Pitts, president of the NACWC, led the workshop and helped anyone confused with the moves by walking them through certain parts over again.

Andrianna Fullerton, a junior communication studies major and Jaz’Mine Turner, a junior psychology major, said they had mutual friends in the NACWC and came to the workshop because they like to dance.

Pitts showed the group how to count their steps to the song and what lyrics would signal them to move differently.

Khirsten Miller, a junior psychology major and member of the NACWC, shared the dance floor with her peers.

“This event gives women the ability to have confidence and gives women the feeling they can do anything they can put their mind to,” Miller said.

Kendall Hurst, event coordinator for the NACWC, said the group decided on songs by Rihanna and Beyoncé because they currently have top songs in the media that are fun and upbeat.

Hurst said this is the second year the NACWC has hosted a dance workshop and wanted to have it again in March to uplift and promote Women’s History and Awareness Month.

“The workshop lets people show off and be confident in themselves,” Hurst said.


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