Column: Be safe during spring break

Liz Dowell, Copy Editor

As we all know spring break is literally right around the corner, it’s basically Friday night after the dorms close and you’re kicked out of your rooms.

If you’re anything like me, you want this break – no – need this break. Be it you need to be away from the stress of schoolwork, job or both. Maybe you need a new scenery or you need a quiet place to hide yourself with a good book.

I on the other hand am heading to New Orleans Saturday. I will be going during the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Being amongst a lot of people like that can be kind of scary and also dangerous.

So here are some safety tips you need to know about going to a new place for spring break.

If you’re driving to your destination, take turns behind the wheel. My friends and I are driving ten hours to New Orleans, so we each are going to switch off every few hours. That way no one gets stuck behind the wheel. Also, my friend has an assigned seat plan where we all will switch off with who we sit next to.

I know GPS and phones are the big thing now, and maps and atlases are not, but make sure to take a map with you. You could get lost in a non-satellite area, yes those still exist, and what are you going to do when your phone can’t get service and your GPS glitches out?

When you’re in a hotel, make sure to keep what room you’re staying between you and your group. I just heard this story where one of my friends was staying in a hotel with her friends, and they were being harassed by a group of five men. The men kept banging on their door all night; somehow they got their key and tried to get in. So keep quiet about your hotel room, and keep your room locked.

When you are getting money out of an ATM, make sure you go in groups. That way more eyes can look keep a look out if anything or anyone looks suspicious. It’s a good thing to carry cash, but make sure you start out carrying cash to prevent from having to stop at an ATM.

These are just some tips. You can Google “spring break safety tips” and a link will pop up. But my favorite safety tip of all is:

Don’t be stupid. If something looks sketchy, then it’s sketchy. If something looks dangerous then it’s dangerous. Use your common sense. Don’t walk down empty streets by yourself if you’re in a new place.

Drink responsibly. Don’t leave the bar with some random guy or gal or whatever if you’re in a new place. Watch out for your friends. Make sure your phone is charged so you can call for help. Wear protection.

Okay that was more than one. But you get the point.

Be safe, have fun, take lots of photos!

Liz Dowell is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].