MADA gives student artistic outlet

T'Nerra Butler, Multicultural Editor

For the last couple of years, a registered student organization has dedicated itself to letting students express themselves through fashion.

The Merchandising and Apparel Design Association has collaborated with different organizations around campus including the African Student Association, Glamorize Ladies and Men Modeling and Couture Models. MADA also has had a Trunk Show in past years where they created pieces and sold them in the quads. Brandon Mata, the president of MADA, said some students with a passion for fashion often find themselves making creations with the organization.

MADA hand makes items as well as revamps a given piece. After posting a picture of his work on Instagram, Mata said the president at that time asked him to join the organization. He said he has been in the RSO since. 0301_MADA_SUBSubmitted Photo

“My big issue when I first got here was making clothes, because it’s a passion of mine,” Mata said. “I had no way of doing that, so I was glad that I found MADA when I did.”

Often times people join to go beyond the classroom and apply the skills learned, Mata said. He said MADA gives students a creative outlet and is a place to just talk about fashion.

Olivia Hampton, the secretary for MADA, said she as a fashion merchandise major, she wanted to connect with people that shared the same passion as her. She said the best part is learning new things when it comes to creating clothes and keeping up with trends.

Hampton said it is a fulfilling feeling when she is sitting down and creating a garment. She said it is a major stress-reliever.

“Ever since I was a little girl I loved fashion. I would change my clothes a million times throughout the day,” Hampton said.

MADA is preparing her for the real deal when it comes to her career, Hampton said. She said the RSO finds innovative ways to keep up with trends and to find things that will appeal to a wide range of people.

Mata said the RSO is more than just an organization dedicated to talking about fashion.

As Eastern changes, MADA is able to adapt, Mata said. He said with the new students coming in each year, Mata can reinvent itself as the times change. He said that is one of the best things about a fairly new RSO, because they are not expected to be set in their ways, and are free to switch things up.

“Eastern is never the same,” Mata said. “As an organization we kind of have to adaptive to that and be aware of that. I’m just interested to see where we go from here.”

The vice president of MADA, Tashon Lawrence, said being the only fashion RSO dedicated to clothing means they have the chance to have a presence through their clothing pieces. She said fashion is a vital thing in today’s society.

“First impressions are everything, and when a person doesn’t know you, they’re judging you by your appearance,” Lawrence said. “We always talk about how important it is to look your best at all times because you never know who you’re going to run in to.”

Mata said anyone who is interested in the organization is welcomed to join; members are not required to be fashion merchandise majors. MADA meets 5 p.m. Wednesdays in room 2411 of Klehm Hall.

“We create; we innovate; we just are trying to really put artistic expression in today’s generation at Eastern,” Mata said. “You would think that would be easy, but with everything going on right now, it’s hard to gather all of those thoughts and bring it to Eastern.”


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