Panic! tickets now on sale

Luis Martinez, News Editor

Tickets for the Spring 2016 concert are now being sold, both online and in the ticket office in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Canaan Daniels, a graduate assistant in the Student Life Office, said tickets for the concert are expected to have a bigger first week sale than past concerts.

“I see ticket sales being a lot better than within the past couple of years,” Daniels said. “This band is just off of a brand-new release, they’ve been on the Billboard Top 200 for their newest album that was just released.”

Daniels said Panic! At The Disco seems to be a bigger band than previous performer over the past few years.

“Usually in the past, ticket sales for students don’t go nearly as quick, especially on the day of release,” Daniels said. “We’ve done a lot of marketing this year and social media campaigns to actually get the word out.”

Daniels said the Facebook page for the concert already has 2,000 people who are interested in attending the concert, and about 800 people who said they are going to the concert.

There was some concerns raised when students attempt to purchase floor tickets for the concert online and were told the tickets were already sold out; however, Daniels said this was a mistake in the system.

“There was a glitch in the system, we have way more than what tickets have been sold so far on the floor,” Daniels said. “Our person in charge of ticket sales (was) actually in contact with the company that puts our tickets up online and sells them for us.”

Daniels said they were working on getting the glitch fixed.

Ceci Brinker, the director of the student life office, said the total tickets for the concert are 3,000.

“Part of our challenge with a concert that ranges between 3,000 and 3,500 depends on the stage size.,” Brinker said.

Brinker said figuring all of the information with the band; they decided to lock in the amount of tickets available at 3,000.

The tickets are also first-come first serve to student, as the tickets will not be available to the general public until March 2.

Daniels said if students managed to by all 3,000 tickets, then there would be none offered to the public, which has never happened before.

Daniels also said the first 50 students who purchase tickets at the ticket office also receive a Panic! At The Disco poster.

After the first day of sales,  762 tickets have been sold.


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