City Council voting to purchase real estate

Lynnsey Veach, Staff Reporter

The Charleston City Council will be voting to authorize an ordinance in which the city will purchase the real estate of 910 Madison Ave. at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the City Hall.

Credit Union One owns the property of 910 Madison Ave., and they will be selling the real estate for $12,000 to the city. The lot is next to the Charleston Fire Department.

The council will be voting on amending a drive-in establishment ordinance. The amendment would change the minimum drive-through lane radius from 45 ft. to 20 ft., the width to 12 ft. and the outside drive-thru lane radius to 32 ft.

Mayor Brandon Combs said this proposed amendment is just a code revision.

“From time to time different codes are looked at and reviewed,” Combs said. “This was one that they found to possibly be strict and the zoning board approved the revision 5-0, so now it comes to council.”

The council will vote to authorize repairs to the Water Treatment Plant’s ozone generator by a single-source vendor.

According to the agenda, the repairs are needed after damages that happened in the Water Treatment Plant after a fire.

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of the ozone generator and the only company that can perform the necessary repair.

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. said they could make the repairs needed for a cost not higher than $118,000.

The city will be voting to renew a lease agreement between the city and the Special Olympics of Coles County.

The City of Charleston owns the Municipal Building, of 520 Jackson Ave., Charleston, Il. There is a certain amount of space up for rent in the building and the Special Olympics wants to rent the office space.

The city will be voting to authorize an agreement to renew a janitorial contract between them and Excel EcoClean.

The city is in need of using the Excel EcoClean to clean the Municipal Building and Recreation Department, the Charleston Police Department, the Police Training Facility and the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Museum.

Combs will be announcing the recognition of the month of February as Black History Month.

The Standing Stone Community Church is requesting a raffle license, for tickets that would be sold on March 3. The purpose of the raffle is to support a clothing ministry with tagging supplies and food for the church’s food pantry, according to the agenda.

The Charleston Chill Softball requested a raffle license to offset the cost of their national tournament. The winners were announced on Feb. 8th at the Charleston Carnegie Public Library.


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