Last ‘Prowlin with the Prez to feature animals


Jason Howell

Sophomore chemistry major Alexa Certa plays with her dog Penny, a 17 week Australian Shepard, during Pets on Parade in Pemberton Hall on November 18, 2014. The event, sponsored by Student Senate, featured animals and representatives from the shelter, where those in attendence were educated about what goes on.

Cassie Buchman, Administration Editor

Students can mingle with President David Glassman and plenty of pets at the Pets on Parade event at 4 p.m. Tuesday in the Bridge Lounge of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

This is the last “Prowling with the Prez event” for the semester.

Stephen Simpson, the vice president for academic affairs for student senate, said Pets on Parade was also put on last year and it was successful.

“It’s one of those events that we don’t want to lose,” Simpson said.

Last year pets on parade was at Pemberton and the animal shelter brought cats and dogs to the event.

“We already had a standard amount of pets that were going to be there and other people brought their pets too,” Simpson said.

Because it is going to be in the bridge lounge this year, Simpson had to go through scheduling and make sure it was not too close to the food court.

Simpson said people also had to sign waivers saying they were responsible for their own pet.

The only animal Simpson was asked not to have people bring was a snake.

“I know someone is going to bring a dog or cat, I’ve heard there may or may not be a tortoise,” Simpson said. “Someone’s bringing their fish, I don’t know if that’s going to actually happen but it’s unique, someone’s also bringing their guinea pig.”

Simpson said everyone’s welcome to bring a pet, not just students.

Pets will also be able to compete in a pet contest, where owners can win ribbons and other items like PetSmart gift cards.

Simpson said for the main part, the events have been successful.

“Premiering with the prez was the first event, and I feel like it was too early and people did not necessarily know what the prowling with the prez series was,” Simpson said. “The next event, pastries with the prez, was one of the better events that we had as far as people coming and staying not just for the sample.”

Simpson said having this Prowlin’ with the Prez in the bridge lounge could help attendance.

“That’s a lot of traffic flow, so even if people don’t bring their pets they will want to stop by,” Simpson said.

Simpson said students can come to the gathering and tell Glassman anything they want.

“Finals are coming up so they can bring up that,” Simpson said.

Some students have been to every Prowlin’ with the Prez event this semester.

“They will come just to talk to him,” Simpson said. “Pastries with the Prez, I don’t think he got to stop talking because of how many people came.”

Simpson said they have tried to have the event in different places so Glassman can have exposure to different people.

“I feel like (students) want that connection to the president, and they come so he can see their face,” Simpson said.

Some plans Simpson has for next semester are Painting with the Prez, Pancake with the Prez, Panther Party with the Prez and Pinata with the Prez.

Next semester, he hopes there will be more attendance.

“A lot of my time is put for these, and one a month is very time consuming,” Simpson said. “But I enjoy putting it on.”


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