University Board angling to fill vacancies

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

The University Board has suffered its fair share of unfortunate vacancies this semester; however, these same vacancies have not had much of a negative impact as the board is looking forward to filling in these spots.

Tylen Elliot, the chair of the University Board, said the vacancies have made it challenging to put forth good content from the University Board.

“Not having these positions filled has challenged graduate advisers and the chairs to take on the responsibilities of these, as far as planning and executing events,” Elliot said. “Currently, UB is looking to hire a new Comedy and Ideas & Issues coordinator.”

Elliot said the UB has already begun the process of looking for students to fill into these vacant positions.

“We just held a round of interviews, in which we filled several positions,” Elliot said. “We will continue to mark the positions and hopefully receive a pool of qualified and creative students interested in the remaining positions to select from for next semester.”

Elliot said the remaining vacancies would continue to make things difficult for the remaining events the UB still has scheduled for the rest of the fall semester.

“The two remaining vacancies will remain open until the spring semester, when we have another round of interviews,” Elliot said. “The vacancies will continue to challenge the board to work together as a team to make sure all of our events are as successful as possible next semester.”

Ceci Brinker, director of student life, said some of the reasons for the vacancies in the UB deal from graduation, students leaving Eastern, and various other personal reasons.

“The timing of the UB opening is often less than ideal; however, student priorities and interests change which requires UB to have flexibility in when they position openings as they occur throughout the year,” Brinker said. “Although, the position openings were untimely, UB had, in a majority of the positions, advanced notice of the pending departure of UB Coordinators.”

Brinker said these vacancies have not slowed down anything University Board has had planned so far.

“The current opening have not hindered UB from completing its programming plans for the Spring 2016, as the planning in these areas is completed by the current UB Chairs and UB Graduate Student Advisors for each UB position opened,” Brinker said. “Hence, UB Spring 2016 planning will be completed by the end of fall semester.”

Brinker said while most of the vacancies occurred close to the end of the fall semester, it provided the UB time to recruit new members before the start of the spring semester.

“UB is optimistic and well on their way to recruiting new UB members to fill the current openings to be completed this fall, which will allow for a smooth transition for new and returning UB members in the spring semester,” Brinker said. “This will provide the EIU student community with a great opportunity to join an exciting and dedicated group of student leaders.”


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