Hunger Game series ends on thrilling note

Sydney Edwards , Copy Editor

The Hunger Games trilogy, based on the book series written by Suzanne Collins, recently came to an end when Lions gate released their final Hunger Games movie: Mockingjay Part Two.  

The movie is full of twists and turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seat until their hearts are filled with love for the characters.  

The movie starts out with the main character, Katniss, still in the hospital after the love of her life, Peeta, attacks her in the previous movie, Mockingjay Part One.

After getting released from the hospital, Katniss instantly gets the rebels together to finish the war on the Capital that she started.

After a few deaths and scary scenes, Katniss and the rest of the victors are able to get what they want from the capital and move on with their lives. 

This movie is everything that big Hunger Games fans wanted. This film was right on the money when it comes to what happens in the book Mockingjay.

The famous quotes, the scenery described in the book, and even the order of the character’s deaths was the same. 

One of the best parts about the film was how the directors were able to show all the violence of the war between the rebels and the capital, but without a ton of blood.

They were able to show body parts being blown off, people getting shot or getting eaten by mutts without making the audience want to close their eyes in disgust.  

Other than the lack of closing eyes in disgust, another great part about this film and all of the other films, was the acting.

All of the actors were able to truly express what their characters were thinking and feeling during this time of war and distress.

 Jennifer Lawrence plays the character of Katniss in all of the films, and her acting has never disappointed.

However, this movie was the toughest.

Lawrence had to be Katniss through death, war, heartbreak and falling in love again.

Lawrence was able to make the audience believe it all.  

Josh Hutcherson who played the roll of Peeta, Katniss’s love interest, did another great acting job.

Hutcherson had to act as Peeta through his psychological issues which, was a tough challenge, and Hutcherson exceeded.

Hutcherson was able to act out Peeta’s issues to the extent that he was drooling while he was having psychotic episodes. 

A negative part of this film, however, was that people who have not seen the other films in the series or read the books would have no idea what was going on in the beginning of the film.

The directors and producers should have provided almost a “recap” of what the audience needs to know in order to fully understand the previous events in the storyline. 

Overall, this film knocked my socks off.

I was in love with the characters, the storyline and the action of this film from start to finish. 

 I would recommend this film to anyone who loves an action movie with a little bit of science fiction and romance.

Age wise, due to the amount of war scenes, I would not recommend this film to anyone under the age of 14. 

I would give this film a 9.2 out of 10.  

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