Student Senate discusses website

Analicia Haynes, Staff Reporter

The Student Senate discussed the creation of a proposal to ask the apportionment board for money Wednesday evening at the Student Senate meeting in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Courtney Sage, the student vice president for student affairs, said because the student activity fee increased last year, it brought in $75,000 in additional funds to the student fee budget.

Sage said the student activity fee goes to four boards, which are the Apportionment Board, Student Government, University Board, and Campus Recreation.

These organizations, except the apportionment board, have the opportunity to write a proposal documenting why they should get the money and present their proposal Sage said.

The apportionment board, based on the proposals, advises where the money should be allocated and provides suggestions for how it should be used, Sage said.

“We just told them if you want extra money, let us know and create a proposal and present it,” Sage said.

Sage will be working on the proposal but will not present it to the apportionment board because she is the chair for the board.

The suggestions made by the apportionment board will be presented to student senate at the last student senate meeting of the semester.

Sage introduced a preliminary plan for a future student government proposal.

Sage said $3,000 will go to the “It’s On Us Campaign” for speakers, marketing, and giveaways and $1,000 will go to the “Prowlin with the Prez Series” for four programs next semester, events, marketing and prizes.

The Prowlin’ Series does not have a budget.

The money they are asking for will give Stephen Simpson, the student vice president for academic affairs and coordinator of the series, something to work with, Sage said.

Sage also proposed the adoption of OrgSync, a website that aims to help students get involved on campus, and plans to ask for $17,000 to pay the yearly rate for the site.

By adopting OrgSync, students on campus will have access to their own university portal and it works like a Facebook page, Sage said.

Students will have their own themed pages and have access to the different Registered Student Organizations on campus including groups that they are or are not a part of.

The site helps keep track of student events and makes it easier for students to have communication with RSOs.

Canaan Daniels, the graduate assistant adviser said there are over 500 different schools with OrgSync and 95 percent of those schools used it again.

“This is really something we feel will not only help organizations, it will help everyone on campus,” Sage said.

The Student Senate discussed their thoughts and gave feedback on the possible proposal.

Sage said she would be okay with spending money on OrgSync because it has been successful and students will find that same success.

“It will benefit all of us,” Sage said.

Shirmeen Ahmad, the student body president, said this is a great opportunity for RSOs because it will provide better communication across campus.

“It’s a great way for us to pilot a program and create a connection on campus,” Ahmad said. “It’s one of those things we need.”

Ahmad said students will wonder what the website is but that is why it is important to work on the presentation and cover all of the facts.

Catie Witt, the student body vice president, informed senators of the Monetary Award Program Grant status for next semester.

Witt said the grant will be available to those who have it next semester because the university will be floating the funds to students since the grant has no current funding.

Ahmad announced the unofficial results for the senator elections.

Brianna Littlejohn, a junior mass communications major, ran for election for the first time and received 162 votes.

“I want to be the voice of the public and it’s a way to see how politics work,” Littlejohn said.

The official results will be presented on Wednesday, December 4.


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