2015 Faculty Art Exhibition to start this week

Luke Willson, Staff Reporter

The “Gallery Talk” will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday in the Main Galleries area of the Tarble Arts Center.

This informational session will be about the Faculty Art Exhibition, which has been open since Nov. 6 and will be closing Jan. 10.

This is a joint program between Eastern’s art department and Tarble in cooperation with the Academy of Lifelong Learning.

Artwork from various studio art faculty and other professors is on display for Eastern students and members of the Charleston community to view.

Mike Schuetz, the assistant director at Tarble, said the art exhibition is a way for some of Eastern’s professors to showcase what pieces of art they have been working on.

“It allows students to see what their instructors are doing and that they are still active as artists,” Schuetz said.

Schuetz said creativity and diversity are among the many ideals of the works presented because the exhibit does not have a specific theme.

As people walk through the exhibit, they will be able to see the stylistic similarities and differences between artists.

Scheutz said certain design elements flow and balance out one another, creating a connection through proximity.

“The strength of art is diversity. We have a lot here with this group show, it gives a great overview of process,” Schuetz said.

A majority of the artists featured are still faculty at Eastern.

Some faculty with pieces in the exhibit have been associated with Eastern for many years, and it is fascinating to see how their work evolves over time; nothing is constant, Schuetz said.

Schuetz said he believes this show will have a positive impact on both the Eastern and Charleston communities because it allows them to see work from new artists as well as how the artwork changes from established Eastern faculty.

This exhibit will feature paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, graphic design, fibers, ceramics, metals and work in electronic media, creating a wide variety of styles and techniques.

Schuetz said students and viewers will acknowledge the fact that there is not one approach or process to creating art, which will spark creativity and ingenuity.

He also said group shows like this build relationships and continuity from artist to artist as well as strengthening the bond between artists and community.


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