UB comedy coordinator position vacant

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

The University Board comedy committee no longer has a coordinator and is currently looking to fill the vacancy.

Lucas McGeath, the former University Board comedy coordinator, said he resigned as the coordinator because of personal reasons.

“I just had too much on my plate and had to put schoolwork first,” McGeath said. “I resigned a couple weeks ago.”

While the coordinator position is now vacant, McGeath said everything that was scheduled by the comedy committee would still be going ahead as planned.

“The comedy for this semester will go on as scheduled,” McGeath said. ”I think (the University Board) are advertising with posters that they are hiring for several positions.”

The UB started filling vacant positions earlier in the semester, including naming McGeath as the comedy coordinator at the beginning of the semester.

“They are some of the greatest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I wish I had the time in my schedule to stay on with UB,” McGeath said.

This semester, Eastern students were able to see Giulia Rozzi, who performed in September, although the Bryon Bowers performance, which was originally scheduled for Oct. 15, was cancelled.

McGeath said the final scheduled comedy performance of the semester would be Adam Grabowski, who is scheduled to perform at Eastern on Dec. 3.


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