Second Rock Out Against Rape concert to commence


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Moondogs, local band performing during ROAR’s fundraising event on January 2015.

Kalyn Hayslett, Verge Editor

Sexual Assault Counseling Information Center (SACIS) will host their 2nd Rock Out Against Rape (ROAR) concert from 7- 11 p.m. Friday in Mothers Bar with four performances from local bands/ musicians.

The musicians include The Trio:  JB Faires, Jay Ferguson and Paul Johnston, Rev. Robert, Uncle Albert and The Conspiracy Theorists and The Moondogs.

Rev. Robert and The Moondogs performed during last year’s ROAR event and there will be a wider range of genres with the other performers.

Erin Walters, director of SACIS, said each band brings their own favor to the event which she is looking forward to but the Moondogs is SACIS’s house band.

“We have a nice variety of music this year,” Erin Walters said. “there is something for everyone.”

Attendees will hear roots, country, rock, blues, jazz and reggage music as while as solo performances to eight piece band harmonies.

Joseph Mclean, foreign languages office manager and moondogs band member, said the four male members of the Moondogs will do a separate Blues set as well as, close the evening the with women members in the band.

“The men in the group are doing a separate set just to keep up with the women’s community involvement,” Mclean said.

Joseph Mclean and  Abby Haughee both took the SACIS training and are strong advocates for sexual assault and awareness.

Haughee, former member of the SACIS board of directors worked with Walters to bring the concert into fruition.

“Abby and Joseph really put the thought in motion, Moondogs has been such a support to SACIS that we just can’t thank them enough,” Walters said, “ They have provided a level of support that can’t be matched.”

Accompanying the performances there will be a silent auction with donations from artists and a 50/50 raffle with prizes.

“We would like to overtly and outwardly show our support to the survivors, educate people that no matter the circumstance it is Never the vicitms fault and fundraising because our agency is suffering as a result of the budget empass at the state level,” Walter said.

Rallying community members, students and faculty to support this event can help sexual assault victims combat feeling alone, uncared for and shame from possibly being blamed.

Before  SACIS was notified about the budget deficient the organization was already preparing for the concert but this fundraising could not have come at better time Mclean said.

“ I received great news for Erin stating that they won’t have to close the business for five more weeks,” said Mclean. “ If that is great news we have to do better than that.”

SACIS has relied on Illinois’ financial support but with the condition of the state’s budget SACIS will not be able to remain open and as of now are expecting only months of business operation.

“We are truly grateful for every dollar that comes in and equally grateful for the support that is felt by the survivors that we work with regardless of the monetary amount,” Walters said. “ We understand not everyone can make a financial contribution but their support is equally important.”

With the communities support this event will not only raise funds but raise awareness and raise support.

“ It will be a success if the community shows up and shows out how they feel about SACIS and realizes SACIS’s importance because it’s a community service,” Mclean said.

Attendees must be 21 or older.

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