Local band performs at Fili’s Station after four-year hiatus

Chynna Miller, Photo Editor

The local Charleston band, Thrown Together, made their way back to the stage at Fili’s Station on Friday after a four-year break from playing at the venue.

Thrown Together started seven years ago after playing a local benefit in town. The band members’ friendship, however, started while attending Charleston Middle School in the early ‘90s.

The four have always had a knack and common interest in music, Chris Shafer, the bassist for the band, said. They were just a group of friends who loved to perform. The members band’s members: Lead singer Robert Hughes, guitarist Shane Cox, bassist Chris Shafer and drummer Kevin Lewis got together to play for a local benefit around town. This led to more gigs for the band, ultimately the creation of the band and its name.

“After playing the benefit, people kept asking us when we’re going to be a band,” Cox said. “That’s when we came up with the name. We were just a group of guys ‘Thrown Together’.”

Friday’s return gig to Fili’s Station was just like old times, Hughes said.

“It’s like we didn’t miss a beat,” Hughes said. “To be able to come back after a break like that and be able to have that kind of support was really nice.”

Fili’s Station made for an intimate setting for the band, having a flatter stage as opposed to a raised stage, allowed friends, family members and fans to be up close and personal to the band while performing.

“People get into it,” Shafer said. “Even if they don’t know the music, they dance and get involved.”

The band plays mostly cover songs that span across all genres Hughes said. Most of the music played on Friday ranged from rock songs from the early millennium and the ‘90s. Though the band’s focus was on rock music, they also played hits of today such as “Animals” by Maroon 5.

“They usually play four or five sets and each set raises in energy,” Wendy Hale, a local Charleston resident and the girlfriend of Cox, said. “The last set is always the most energetic and gets people amped up and ready to dance for the last hour of the bar.”

The band will soon be bringing their energy and music to Eastern’s campus. Thrown Together will be one of the bands playing for this spring’s Celebration: A Festival for the Arts from April 22-24.

“We hope to bridge the gap between the townies and college students,” Hughes said. “We have something to offer musically for every one’s taste.”

Outside of the band and performing, Thrown Together is like a family, Shafer said.

“I know that I can call these guys anytime and talk to them about music or personal manners,” Shafer said. “We know each other like the back of our hands.”

Thrown Together will be having their next show at 9 p.m.  Nov. 14 at Lefty’s Holler.


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