Women’s Chemistry Committee to host Halloween camp for young girls

Jada Huddlestun, Staff Reporter

Young girls interested in learning about chemistry through participating in Halloween activities can do so Saturday at the camp, “Chemistry Colors Halloween: Potions, Magic and More.”

The Women’s Chemist Committee is hosting this event for the first time, and it will be held Saturday from 1-3 p.m. at the Charleston Carnegie Public Library in Rotary Room B.

Chemistry Colors Halloween will be open to girls in grades 5-7.

The WCC created this event to reach out to the local community, and to get girls interested and involved in science in a way that is fun and not intimidating, while having fun celebrating Halloween.

Rebecca Peebles, associate professor of chemistry, said, “We’re trying to get girls interested in science and show them that it is not some scary thing that is only for boys.”

Peebles said the girls would be participating in several fun Halloween experiments. The girls participating will learn how to make glow sticks and also figure out what chemical makes pumpkins orange.

The girls will also be able to learn how to make a clock run by putting metal pieces into pumpkins and connecting the wires from the clocks into the pumpkin.

“The priority is that the girls have fun,” Peebles said. “We want the girls to leave having had fun doing something that is related to chemistry, and seeing that there is fun stuff related to their lives that they can understand a little bit better.”

Peebles said the girls participating in the camp will realize that science is not scary or difficult, and that it is not impossible.

Students and staff members will be there to run and help with the event. Members of the EIU American Chemical Society Student Affiliates along with the WCC will also be helping the girls with their experiments.

Some student assistants will be dressing up, but girls attending can wear a Halloween costume if they choose to, but it is not required. Aprons and goggles will be provided to keep them protected while participating in the experiments.

The event is free but registration prior to the camp would be appreciated. To register for the camp you can contact Rebecca Peebles by email, [email protected] or call her at 217-581-5906.


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