Taking guns away is unconstitutional

Liz Dowell, Copy Editor

My stance is no secret. If someone asks me I’m going to tell them, we all have a right to own guns.

Taking them away is unconstitutional and I prefer not to die due to home invasion of any other situation that involves self deference.

Yes, if you haven’t guessed it already, I am republican.

But my political views have very little to do with my pro-gun opinion. 

I think there should be classes you have to take to be able to own a gun or a gun license.

Oh wait, there is, it’s called the Firearm Owners Identification Card, ladies and gentlemen and any sane, law-abiding citizen fills it out, if they want a gun.

But going back to the whole invasion/self-defense, let us talk about this for a second. Who actually planned on breaking into your house?

Was it the subject-with a brain and cognitive reasoning- or the chunk-of-metal in the suspects hands-with no brain and no cognitive reasoning- who seems more likely to come up with the plan?

I’m almost 99.99 percent sure that the gun did not whisper in that person’s ear and say “hey, lets go break into that families’ home and shoot up the place.”

And if it did, that person needs help because they are crazy, my friends.

If we start taking away gun rights, what other constitutional rights are Obama’s cronies going to try to take away?

Will freedom of speech, anything and everything in the first amendment be the thing that will be outlawed next? (Someone getting offended because the press posted something they did not like may soon cause “speech regulations” because it’s the words fault why the person was hurt.)

If this “regulation” and “gun-control” ever actually gets anywhere, we may end up in a communist type of culture and regulating everything that everyone does.

Next thing we know, there will be laws regulating what we can watch or search online to regulation on who can have kids and how many.

The whole “regulating who can have kids and how many” maybe a little far fetched, but I could see our speech rights being taken away next if we let them take our guns.

I hunt deer, been doing it since I was about 12, and I need a gun to shoot my meat. 

I cannot use a bow, I’ve tried, just cannot.

I can’t really sharpen a stick, hide in a tree and jump down on it like Sylvester Stallone does in the “Rambo” movies.

If we let the government take away our right to own guns, they take away my right to hunt, which takes away the thinning of deer population, which then causes more car and deer accidents and so insurance goes up and we all go broke.

If you’re going to sue someone for threatening you with gun, sue that person for harassment, stealing, or breaking and entering, or worse murder.

I’m sure that gun was not melted down, molded to be a killer, you all want to give guns the ability to think, might as well give it the ability to have feelings.

How do you think that gun feels for being used for bad things?

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have any gun laws. I’m just saying we shouldn’t outlaw guns.

We need parents and instructors teaching the gun owners and younger generation gun safety laws.

But then again, outlawing guns may work, I mean cannabis and other drugs are outlawed in many states and you never come across it ever on this campus.

Just for the record, for the ones who believe that guns have brains, the previous sentence was sarcastic.

Liz Dowell is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].