Royalty use platforms to help students


Chynna Miller

Darien Ghostone, a junior kinesiology and sports studies major, and Kelsey Hosea, a senior communication studies major, were crowned Eastern’s Homecoming King and Queen on Monday in McAfee Gymnasium. Ghostone said that he remained humble through the process even when his friends would tell him he was going to win. “I heard my name, and I just smiled,” Ghostone said. “I feel blessed being the 100th king.”

Kalyn Hayslett, Verge Editor

Being crowned 100th King and Queen for two students was more than just earning a title but was used as platform to share their stories and passions to the campus.

On Monday Darien Ghostone, junior kinesiology major and Queen Kelsey Hosea, senior communication major were inducted into Eastern Homecoming King and Queen.

“There is nothing like knowing you won because you hear it happen to other people but never does it happen to you,” Hosea said.

Hosea was told on Sept. 29 that her grandma was diagnosed with alzhiemers, which motivated her even more to put her efforts into her homecoming campaign.

“She was the first person I told and I wanted to do as many big things that she can remember,” Hosea said.

Hosea used her campaign “Who is Kelsey?” to raise awareness for students to vote her but also to encourage others.

“I stepped out of my comfort-zone so I wanted to encourage people to try new things,” Hosea said, “Shoot for new things because you never will get it if you never try.”

Ghostone representing not only the Black Student Union but his fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha Incorporated used these organizations into his campaign efforts.

For Ghostone’s campaign his theme was a King’s mentality which he used social media as his main source of advertisement with the #kingsmentality and #theplug06. 

“My fraternity’s theme is a king’s mentality this year and that just fit my personality and mentality of setting the ball high so I push myself to earn them,” Ghostone said.

Having this position Ghostone realized he has the power to reach others and be those examples for others.

When I was a freshman I had several upperclassmen that I looked up too because they showed their face around campus so, I want to be the same for the others and pass the torch Ghostone said.

“Being myself and continue being a liason to get all cultures involved on campus,” Ghostone said.

They both are excited to participate in the Homecoming events this weekend especially as royalty.

“Next is getting people excited for upcoming events. I am putting 10 times the energy into getting people involved with the parade and the bonfire,” Hosea said “It’s really important to get transfer students involved on campus because I was one.”

Ghostone is currently a senior staff assistant and he is excited about the Yell like Hell pep rally because he has never attended before.

“I work with NPHC and I’ve seen what they are working on and looks like it will be a lot of fun,” Ghostone said. 

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