Healthy sleeping presentation to be offered

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

The Health Education Resource Center will be giving a presentation on healthy sleeping habits for students from at 6 p.m. in the Greenup room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

The presentation, titled “Snoozin’ Like A Panther,” will teach students some of the benefits that come with developing better sleeping habits.

Brittany Floyd, the health promotion coordinator graduate assistant, is facilitating the presentation, and said it is a program discussing sleep hygiene and sleeping environment.

“It’s a paid program that discusses sleep hygiene and creating a healthy sleep environment in order to enhance the quality and quantity of sleep,” Floyd said.

Floyd said students should be interested in attending the presentation because of the information that will be discussed and how they can apply those lessons to their normal sleep routines.

“It goes over a lot of good information that they need to know in order to get better sleep each night,” Floyd said. “A lot of the situations that are discussed are real situations that college students face, so everything is very realistic.”

Floyd said the presentation would also cover healthy sleep habits for students and how beneficial a full night’s sleep can be for students.

“We talk about the benefits of getting more and better sleep, like how it affects your grades,” Floyd said. “Basically how it affects your mood and how it affects every aspect of your life.”

Since midterms are coming up, the HERC also tries to schedule these kind of events to help students prepare for testing.

“We’re having an event next week called “Don’t Stress! Ace That Test,” Floyd said. ” We will be covering sleep, stress and nutrition, and we have that during midterm week and also the week before finals.”

Floyd also said this will be the second open session for this presentation.

“A lot of teachers or instructors or professors offer extra credit (for students),” Floyd said. “Last time I think we had around 15 (students), which is decent.”

Floyd also said she would like to see more students attend because the presentation can be very useful, but since it takes place at night, students might already busy and cannot make the presentation.

“There’s usually a pretty good turnout, especially once teachers are offering extra credit,” Floyd said. “The more we get word about it, the more likely we’ll get a better turn out.”


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