Hazing prevention makes an impact

Staff Editorial

This past week on campus, Fraternity and Sorority Programs along with the different councils that make up Greek life on campus have been hosting events for National Hazing Prevention Week.

National Hazing Prevention Week was started by HazingPrevention.org, a site that wanted to take the conversation of hazing from how to punish those who do it to how to prevent it from even happening.

An article in Monday’s edition of The Daily Eastern News stated that Greek councils, including the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council and Lambda Alpha Delta, have been putting together events to raise awareness and spread messages of hazing prevention in Greek life.

The week of National Hazing Prevention Week is still a fairly new concept not only at Eastern, but also nationally as well.

Even with the week being a newer event for Eastern, it is great to see the issue of hazing being brought to attention and discussed among groups in the Greek community.

Hazing is an issue that is not seen on the news as much, but as the article in The News said when it does appear “it’s going to hit hard.”

It is important for this issue to be brought up and discussed in the community because if it is not, it would be issue that would never get resolved.

The Greek councils and Fraternity and Sorority Programs have been doing a great job with spreading awareness of the issue this past week from encouraging students to wear red clothing to show support for hazing prevention, to holding a documentary screening and discussion panel on hazing, and even hosting an online question-and-answer session.

It is important to raise awareness for hazing prevention not only for in-person events but also on social media sites to reach a larger audience. 

While the events have been doing a good job in spreading awareness, there could always be more things happening around campus not just this week, but there could be more events spread out throughout the school year as well.

Hazing prevention is not just something that should be talked about one week of the school year.

The article from The News ended with a quote saying that hazing prevention is not just this week, but it is all 52 weeks of the year.

National Hazing Prevention Week is still growing on Eastern’s campus and will continue to grow in the years to come, but this issue should not be reserved for one week of the academic year.

The only way to prevent hazing is find ways to prevent it from happening, and to do this, the conversation must keep going after this week.

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