Girls can play fantasy football

Sydney Edwards, Copy Editor

Fantasy Football is a traditional activity that football fans participate in.

They have a chance to build their own team and test their skills against their friends or random people on the Internet.

Well, here at The Daily Eastern News, we created a fantasy football league on Yahoo and I decided to participate.

I know the bare minimum about football.

I know that there is a linebacker and quarterback, but than that, not too much.

I know that both of players touch the ball, and that is about it.

I know there is a lot of tackling and concussions so the players have to wear a lot of equipment to protect themselves from injury.

In other words, I am a basic white girl who likes to dress up in my team’s colors and cheer on the sidelines for the players with the cutest butt.

I also used this same tactic when picking my fantasy football team.

On draft day, I sat in the newsroom, where the draft took place, pretending like I knew whom I was drafting when it was my turn.

I looked through the players and decided that I wanted three guys that have beards, two without them and four with a good smile.

According to a friend of mine, this was not a smart tactic because “the attractive ones never play well.”

Now that the draft is over and the actual playing has begun, I have learned that he was right.

I have only played two other teams thus far, and I am sad to report that I lost both.

However, through that loss I have learned something.

One must pick starting players that are not injured.

I have now found myself in last place of twelve in the league.

However, I feel that by playing on the fantasy football team, I am breaking a gender stereotype that many people have.

Several individuals do not think girls can know anything about football.

Just because I do not play on the field does not mean that I do not know what is going on the field.

When I attend football games, I actually like to watch what is going on and enjoy seeing the team I am rooting for take home a victory.

I enjoy seeing the guys tackling each other.

That is the whole game.

I will not look away if a player gets hurt.

If you are a football fan and have never seen blood on a player’s jersey are you really a football fan?

Football is a sport that brings people together.

I go to the games for the fun, entertainment and to see the joy the tough sport brings to the community of football fans.

Therefore, I will be sitting there in my team’s colors with a pumpkin spice latte cheering for my team while yelling at the players for having butterfingers.

Sydney Edwards is a freshman marketing major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]