Dining hall food to incorporate safari theme

Mackenzie Freund, City Editor

The dining halls will be getting in touch with their safari side at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Gail Abrams-Aungst, the associate director of hosing and dining, said Thomas, Taylor, and Stevenson dining halls would have three different meals that students will have to travel to.

Thomas dining will be serving soup and salad, Taylor dining will be serving the entrée, and Stevenson dining will be serving the desert portion of the meal.

Students will get a wristband at Thomas Hall at the beginning of their trip between the halls so they will not have to swipe their panther card at each location.

Abrams-Aungst said the special dinner took about a month to plan and how the menu is going to look and what decorations they need to get for the dinner.

“At the time we plan the events, we are thinking about what we can do to make the event come to life,” Abrams-Aungst said.

The multiple dining hall dinner is an event that happens once a year, but the dining staff has other themed events throughout the year.

She said the special dining events help keep the students engaged.

“We would also love to hear from our students on what special events they would like to see,” Abrams-Aungst said.


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