Women bring 90s karaoke back

Emily Brodt, Staff Reporter

The National Association of Colored Women’s Club will be having a ‘90s themed karaoke night at 6 p.m. Tuesday in 7th Street Underground.

Angela Davis, the vice president of the organization, said the purpose of the event is for new students to get to know them.

Amanda Williams, the public relations chair and historian of the National Association of Colored Women’s Club, said the karaoke night gives students a fun break from school and gives them an opportunity to be themselves.

“All EIU students (are invited) to come out and just participate and sing with the songs we grew up with,” Williams said.

Maya Pitts, the president of the organization, said the planning for karaoke night took the organization on a trip down memory lane.

“The Women Improving Lives chapter karaoke event is to bring together and unite the campus with music from our era with fun,” Pitts said.

Davis said when planning the event, it took them a while to come up with ideas because they all had different approaches to the night; she said they all wanted to find unique ways for students get to know them.

Williams said the organization initially pitched ideas in various ways to create an event to appeal to a wide range of people on campus.

Davis said that the event is to help freshman get out their comfort zone and she hopes people will come and be themselves, but it is open to everyone.

Davis said the purpose of the organization is to “improve the lives of minorities” whether it is men, women, or children.

Williams said one misconception is that the organization is only for African-American women, but they try to include everyone when they can.

“We believe in uplifting women (of) any skin color,” Williams said.

She said it is their job to motivate and uplift the women here on campus.

“This organization means more than just a sisterhood to me because it is a constant reminder as well as an educational source to my history that isn’t taught in American history books,” Pitts said.

Davis said it was the friendships she witnessed between the women on campus that drew her to the organization and the National Association of Colored Women’s Club events.

The event is free and open to all students on campus and there will be a raffle prize giveaway.

Raffle prizes will include a $25 MAC cosmetics gift card and students getting their make-up done for free. Prizes will also be awarded for the best dressed at the event for men and women. Raffle tickets will be $2 or five tickets for $3.


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