Rozzi brings laughs to Eastern

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

Giulia Rozzi brought the laughs to 7th Street Underground during her performance on Thursday in the first comedy act hosted by the University Board comedy committee.

Lucas McGeath, the new University Board comedy coordinator, said he thought the show was great and really funny.

“(The show) was awesome, it was so funny,” McGeath said. “(Rozzi) really showed up and showed out.”

There was some delay for the show as it was said Rozzi had ran into some car trouble on her way from Chicago.

To open the show, the audience members were treated to a second comedian who helped open the show for Rozzi.

Kristin Clifford, a standup comedian from Chicago, was the opening act for Rozzi and helped get the audience laughing before the main event.

Clifford told a wide array of jokes, including some about watching “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Lifetime movies, and tips to prevent cat-calling.

“She’s a friend of Giulia and she made me laugh,” McGeath said. “She was really funny.”

McGeath was appointed as the new UB comedy coordinator a few weeks ago, and said this semester’s comedy acts were already preset by the previous comedy coordinator.

“I didn’t book the three (comedians) for this semester,” McGeath said. “But I love that there’s no censorship there.”

Rozzi opened up her act with a brief story about how she turned into the Lakeview School of Nursing because she mistook it for Eastern.

After getting into her set, Rozzi started talking about her bullying experience, her marriage to her college sweetheart and divorce.

“When I was in high school, I did (standup) at a sort of talent show night,” Rozzi said. “After that, I just kept doing it here and there, and I don’t know, it just sort of happened.”

Rozzi said the biggest moment of her career was performing her “Bad Brides” comedy tour last year.

“Every moment is kind of different,” Rozzi said. “I guess one of the things I’m most proud of is that I did a solo show last year called ‘Bad Brides’… it was funny but also really dark and turn and that’s probably one of my proudest thing I did.”

Brian Anzures, a sophomore psychology major, was in the audience and said he thought the show was really funny and really good.

“I don’t think she held back,” Anzures said. “I like that in comedy.”

Anzures said a lot of her jokes were relatable to a lot of people in the audience, and some of his favorite jokes of the night were Rozzi’s jokes about using drugs.

He also said he looks forward to any other comedy shows planned for the year.

Jessica Eubanks, a junior health studies major, said she watches a lot of comedy and she thought the show was really good.

She also said she was not expecting anything from the show, but she found Rozzi’s to be hilarious.

Her favorite joke of the night was when Rozzi was explaining how she was walking in the subway in New York once and when she put her hand on the railing, her hand was covered in poop.

Ryan Brown, a senior accounting major, said he enjoyed the show a lot.

“My thoughts are that she was the funniest performer I’ve seen,” Brown said. “My favorite part was probably the poop joke.”

McGeath said he was pleased with the audience turnout for the show.

“They say that 30 to 50 is a good crowd,” McGeath said. “We had 40 plus, so that was a great turnout, I was excited about that.”


Molly Dotson contributed to this article


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