Giulia Rozzi set to bring laughs to Eastern

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

The University Board comedy committee is preparing for its’ first comedy event of the year by bringing in Giulia Rozzi to preform Thursday night at 7 p.m. in 7th street underground.

This year’s student planner showed Rozzi was schedule to perform earlier in the semester; however, this proved untrue.

Lucas McGeath, the new university board comedy coordinator, said Rozzi was schedule to come to Eastern by his predecessor.

“The last comedy coordinator setup this semester’s artists,” McGeath said. “I’ve looked at her videos and I would compare her style of comedy to Amy Schumer or Sarah Silverman.”

McGeath said Rozzi has been showcased on Comedy Central and wrote for MTV’s “Girl Code.”

According to her website, Rozzi describes herself as an actress, writer and a comedian and likes to talk about all kinds of relationships, sex, gender, how social media is killing society and even make some fun of herself.

She wrote and performed two solo shows, “Stupid Foreigners” and “Bad Bride,” the latter of which toured in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

In regards to the miscommunication caused by the event being listed earlier in Eastern students planner, McGeath said he was not sure what the issue was, since there was no comedy coordinator at the time and he was only hired as the coordinator only a few weeks ago.

“Comedy can be a great stress relief for students so I want to get the word out about our events and put together a great show,” McGeath said. “I’m really excited to have such talented comedians performing this semester.”

The Rozzi show on Thursday will be McGeath’s first show since becoming the new university board comedy coordinator a few short weeks ago.

“We’ve put up posters around town and on campus, passed out pluggers to students, and we use social media to let everyone know,” McGeath said. “We’re looking for a good turnout for our first comedy event.”

Besides bring in Rozzi to perform for Eastern students, McGeath said he plans on bring in other feature comedians to perform at Eastern.

“We have Byron Bowers coming up next October 15th and the Adam Grabowski December 3rd,” McGeath said.

Giulia Rozzi will be performing at 7 p.m. at 7th street underground and the event is free to the public. There will be refreshments and giveaways at the event as well.


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