Charleston to experience ‘Three Days of Rain’

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

The “Three Days of Rain” drama will make its final curtain call this weekend at the Tarble Arts Center.

Hosted by the Charleston Community Theatre, the play will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday with doors opening at 7 p.m.

The drama opened last weekend; however, this will be the last chance to catch the play.

Victoria Bennett, the director of “Three Days of Rain”, said this was her second play she directed after “Bus Stop” a few years ago.

“This play is what I call an ‘actor’s play’,” Bennett said. “It’s very challenging for the people who get casted because there are only three members of the cast, but there are six characters throughout the play.”

Bennett said each person who is cast has to play two characters in two different acts.

“I ran across it because it was on the list of plays that our reading committee was reading through for possibilities for plays to produce,” Bennett said. “I just instantly fell in love with it and wanted to do it.”

Bennett said what stood out from the script was it was not written just to be entertaining.

“The thing that I really liked about the play is that, in my opinion, it is to be considered literature,” Bennett said. “It’s not just a play written for entertainment, it actually has some universal value and I think it’s going to be around still performed a hundred years from now.”

The play was written by Richard Greenberg and was nominated for 1998 Pulitzer Prize.

Bennett said the story revolves around three people attending a reading of a will, and they find a journal belonging to one of their fathers and they begin making assumptions about what happened in the past.

“This (play) was a lot more difficult because of the dual characters,” Bennett said. “It was more technical as far as the acting. I worked more with the acting than I did with blocking and the plot of the show.”

Chris Sanderson, a sophomore theatre arts major, is one of two Eastern students cast for “Three Days of Rain.”

“I heard of (the play) through friends that did community theatre,” Sanderson said. “I didn’t officially know about it until my director emailed me about it towards the end of the summer.”

Sanderson said he got the part because of his experience working in “The Mousetrap” last semester and he was suggested to Bennett.

“I’ve have never done a show set anytime after the 1960s and the first show, I had to play two majorly different characters between the two acts,” Sanderson said. “This show stands out more than any I’ve done.”

Tickets for the event are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and $5 for students.


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