Student Senate discusses budget issues

Analicia Haynes, Staff Reporter

Eastern’s budget issues were brought up at Wednesday’s Student Senate meeting.

Reaching the end of its fiscal year, the state of Illinois has yet to decide on a stable budget to accommodate the state’s needs.

Daniel Nadler, vice president for student affairs said because of the state of the budget, the Student Senate as well as other students and faculty are operating in a period of uncertainty.

Nadler said the negative effects that derived from the budget cuts include the increase in layoffs. Nadler said people should remain positive despite the stressful situation.

Stephen Simpson, student vice president for academic affairs, lobbied for student attendance at the State of the University address to be held by President David Glassman.

The address will take place Sept. 28 in the Dounda Fine Arts Center Concert Hall.

Simpson said the budget crisis is a problem because Eastern does not have a budget.

Glassman intends to address the budget situation as well as recruit students to help boost enrollment, Simpson said.

Senate speaker Maralea Negron said the budget cuts are throughout the whole state and affect more than just Eastern students.

She encouraged senators to write a letter to Gov. Bruce Rauner addressing the need to develop a budget that will help students, not deprive them.

The senate also approved new committee chairs that focus their attention on one of eight committees.

Committee chairs have a set of goals aimed to improve the campus and work with one another to communicate ideas that will make Eastern a better place for students.

Along with being responsible for generating ideas for the improvement of campus affairs, the committees were also introduced to their first assignment.

Senator Ariannah Lambert, recently approved as University Enhancement Committee Chair, said she has high hopes for her new position.

She said she plans to enact a community cleanup day, which will boost student participation and make students and the community aware of pollution.

Like Lambert, senator Jasmine Thomas, the student affairs committee chair, also said she looks forward to campus improvement.

She said she wants to provide students with an edge that will encourage them to meet more people and ultimately have more fun.

Student Body President Shirmeen Ahmad continued to recruit support for the first home football game taking place this Saturday.

Ahmad urged senators to spread the word by sharing a graphic that advertises for the game on their social media pages.

“Word of mouth is the best way to get information out there,” Ahmad said.

Even though it is a last minute attempt to encourage student attendance, Ahmad said she is confident that the graphic has potential.


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