Your RA is not trying to ruin your life

Staff Editorial

Many of the regulations set by Housing and Dining Services for those students living in the residence halls or University Court may seem trivial or constricting, but they are entirely necessary.

Attending college and making the choice to live in the residence halls is, without a doubt, an adult decision.

Making an investment in an education at a university the size of Eastern is never a small feat and should happen after careful consideration.

So when students move onto campus expecting unlimited freedoms as legal adults, they are often disheartened or even bitter to be met with another set of rules.

Typically, resident assistants are in charge of enforcing these rules, so they often receive the most resentment.

As The News reported online Thursday night, what may have seemed like a small infraction of residence hall rules at the time had students evacuated from Stevenson Hall for hours.

Residence hall rules are not made to intrude on students’ rights, hobbies or personal lives; but they are put in place for the safety and well being of those who live and work there.

Although students are given an increased amount of freedom when they come to campus, it does not necessarily mean those students can always make sound and reasonable decisions involving their actions and the effects they can have on those around them.

The restriction of underage consumption and possession of alcohol on campus or in campus housing is not unreasonable.

Not only is it illegal, it is also dangerous.

Students who are caught violating the rules are met with severe repercussions and embarrassment.

There are definitely more freedoms to be gained after moving to college, but a friendly reminder to not burn down a dorm room is sometimes necessary.

Just like the rules that restrict residents from burning candles or using warmers, the rule requiring residents to escort their guests on hall floors is for the safety of those students that live there.

Those students who wish to live without these regulations can find housing off campus and do those activities of their own discretion.

Rules are not mean to be a pain, they are meant to aid students in a time that is, historically, full of poor choices.