First week parking woes


Chynna Miller

Philip Blank, a junior kinesiology and sports studies major, fills out a form to purchase his parking permit Wednesday in the Eastern Illinois University Police Department.

T'Nerra Butler, Multicultural Editor

Incoming students and visitors to campus are the most common parking violators at Eastern according to Lt. John Hatfill of the University Police Department.

The average amount of tickets issued is 13,000 a year, with the most being in the fall and spring semesters.

Hatfill said the most common ticket written is to someone who does not have a parking permit, or someone parked in an unassigned space.

“Students can never park in staff only parking lots. They are indicated with a red sign and display ‘staff only’,” Hatfill said.

He said regulations help keep the parking flow equally distributed around campus.

Anyone ticketed can choose to pay their fine online through PAWS or by going to the University Police Department office.

Freshmen get the most tickets according to Hatfill.

“Upperclass students, age 21 or older, or 60 or more semester hours, can park in the green and blue signed area,” Hatfill said. “Underclass students who are under 21 and have less than 60 semester hours must park in the Underclass designated areas only designated by a white sign.”

Underclass permits are $100 each semester and $200 per year. Upper class permits are $50 each semester and $100 per year

Permits can be purchased online by logging into PAWS and selecting student or staff. Permits can be paid for by credit or debit. Students are also allowed to have permits billed to their account.

According to the parking permit website, to receive a permit, students must have ID, which includes Panther Cards, a driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Hatfill said fines can vary from $2.50 to $250, but the average amount for a ticket amount is $20.

The campus police do warn drivers for parking violations, and the warning is free.

“Students may park in the meters or any student designated parking lot the first week of school without a permit,” Hatfill said.

Hatfill said most students park in the wrong area for a number of reasons.

“Some just don’t know where to park when visiting. Others don’t care where they park and others are just confused for a while until they get familiar with the parking lots,” Hatfill said.

Anyone unsure of proper parking zones are encouraged to call 581-5416 for any questions.

Hatfill said it does help to read the signs regarding where to park and keep a map of where to park near-by.


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