City Council approves subdivision development

Stephanie Markham, Editor-in-Chief

The Charleston City Council unanimously approved plans for Luxury Homes to build a subdivision called “20 Acre Woods” just west of Charleston on Tuesday.

The city’s expenses will be $17,550 for water and $1,300 for materials, and the developer will be responsible for construction costs.

The council also passed ordinances to waive zoning requirements for length of a cul-de-sac, street design and sidewalk standards within the subdivision.

These items were placed on file for public inspection at the June 2 meeting so the public works department could determine the feasibility of getting water and sewer systems to the property.

Mayor Larry Rennels said the department determined that the area can have water and sewer access, but in the process it found problems needing further consideration by the Board of Zoning and Appeals.

The plans and a preliminary plat were therefore approved with nine conditions that must be met for the subdivision to be built.

For example, the plans must be revised to include a flag lot currently on the north side of the subdivision and municipal sewer and water utility service allocated to each lot.

Another condition is that an agreement will be negotiated and brought forth for Charleston to annex the property, which will make it part of the city with access to city services.

The subdivision plans with variances will go through the Board of Zoning and Appeals June 25 and back to City Council July 7 along with the annexation agreement.

Rennels said the property now is just trees and vacant land, and the timeline for development will depend on Luxury Homes’ schedule.

“They’ve got to build a road back there with a cul-de-sac on it and divide it up to various different lots for the houses and run electricity back there and telephone, cable, water and sewer,” he said.

The council granted $500 in tourism funds for the Metaphysical and Paranormal Society’s Central Illinois Convention Aug. 21 – 22 at the Cross County Mall.

WEIU Kids Day also was granted $500 in tourism funds and will be Aug. 22.

The council also approved raffle licenses for the Coles County Fair Queen Pageant Committee July 30 at the Coles County Fairgrounds and for the Charleston Area Dog Club July 4 at Morton Park.

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