Student Senate tables lobbying plans


Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Student Senate tabled a resolution to fund a lobbying day for the Student Action Team and heard a presentation about the Holi celebration during its meeting Wednesday.

Catie Witt, the executive vice-president, presented the resolution to the senate called Student Action Team Lobby Day, which would help fund the Student Action Team’s trip to Springfield in April.

“We have to go to Springfield and lobby,” Witt said. “We may have an impact if we’re staying here and writing them, but we will have a larger impact if we actually go.”

Reginald Thedford, the student body president, said the trip would be a great opportunity.

“Last year, it was a very organized group of students that went so it’s good that we are continuing to do this,” Thedford said.

Sage said it was important to go to Springfield this semester because the senate was unable to attend last semester.

“It’s important that we do get our faces out there because we missed the fall semester,” Sage said.

The senate members decided to table the resolution until after spring break when they will meet again.

The Study Abroad Office gave a presentation about Holi, a spring celebration to commemorate the Hindu gods and goddesses. Traditionally, Holi is celebrated in India and Nepal after the first full moon of March.

Meghan Melbourne, a peer adviser in the Study Aboard Office, said the event is massive, and a lot of schools participate in it.

“Part of the Study Abroad Office is our goal on campus to make sure that our students are as culturally aware as possible,” Melbourne said. “It’s an opportunity to bring all our Eastern students together to ignore differences.”

Melbourne also said it would be a good way to hang out with friends and de-stress before finals as well as celebrate a different culture and tradition.

The event is currently planned for April 24, the last Friday before finals.

The senate was asked to help volunteer for the event in as well donate T-shirts to be used during the event.

The senate also unanimously passed the “Dinner with the Deans” resolution, which was tabled last week. Instead of meeting March 26 as originally planned, “Dinner with the Deans” was moved up to March 24.

Shirmeen Ahmad, the student vice president for academic affairs, was one of the authors of the resolution.

“It’s a great time for us and everyone to sit down and talk about the projects that we’re working on and have everyone get on the same page,” Ahmad said.

Courtney Sage, the speaker of the senate, said the event is a good idea.

“We do every it every semester, and if you’ve noticed the student deans have done quite a lot this year, so I think that we should keep that momentum up,” Sage said.

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