Intramural basketball tips off at SRC

Blake Nash, Staff Reporter

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Men’s and women’s intramural basketball action began Jan. 26 at the Student Recreation Center with 22 games throughout the week.

In “A” league action for men’s fraternities, Phi Kappa Theta defeated Swoosher Sweets 38-13 on Monday night, while Chops Ayyy defeated Delts Black 42-15.

Sigma Epsilon Red and the Pike Bomb Squad rounded out the night with victories. SigEp defeated Zip NA Double 54-13 and the Bomb Squad defeated the D Team 41-26.

Tuesday SAE Gold was victorious in their matchup with Sigma Chi Ballers 46-34. Sigma Pi Jones and Sigma Epsilon Black finished the night for the “A” league as Jones came away with a 34-29 victory.

Delts Gold defeated Sigma Chi Gold 52-39 in Wednesday’s action followed by Sigma Pi Black winning a tight two-point game against Pike Gold 54-52. Pippen Ain’t Easy was victorious over ROTC Gold 58-45.

Braylon N’ Boys eked out a win over Sigma Chi Blue 46-41.

Men’s “B” league action began Wednesday with Sigma NuA successfully defeating the Sigma Epsilon Scrappy Dogs 45-9. The Sigma Pi Jabronis won over Delta Chi 48-29.

Swedish meatballs defeated the McDonald’s All-Americans 61-50 while Rain N Drain beat the Sasquatch Squashers 55-25. Chops defeated Yellow Disgustin in a nail-biter 29-28, and Zip n Double Dribble narrowly defeated Strokin 3’s Burning Trees 51-48.

Women’s sorority action saw Tri Sigma defeat Kappa Delta 48-31, and Average Joes defeat Alpha Gamma Delta 42-11.

The men’s hall “A” league began with a win for the Has-Beens over the Cobras 60-35. Straight 8 defeated SAE Purple 38-2.

On Wednesday the Dream Team defeated E-I-Who 46-44, and the Ham Squad was victorious over B.O.S.S 53-35.

In “B” league action, the Beers defeated Fresh Prince Boi 54-53 on Monday, while Run n’ Gun was victorious over the Sandbaggers 54-49.  Tri Busch defeated the Buckets 57-21 and Balls Don’t Lie defeated Multiple Scores 71-62.

Dunder Mifflin defeated Campus House 57-32. Shake N Bake defeated the Taylor Hall Titans 51-37 to round out intramural play for week one.

In other intramural action, Lambda Chi Alpha took first place in the men’s hot spots challenge with 215 points. Sigma Chi One and Sigma Pi One followed with 156 and 151 points. Alpha Phi won the women’s competition with 94 points, followed by Alpha Gamma Delta with 57.

Lambda Chi Alpha also won the free throw competition with 205 points. Delta Tau Delta followed with 192 and Sigma Chi One finished third with 186.

Sigma Pi One won the men’s weird bowling competition with 389 points while Sigma Chi took second with 331 points.

Alpha Gamma Delta won the women’s weird bowling competition with 355 points. Tri Delta finished second with 338 and Delta Zeta rounded out the top three with 336 points.

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