HOPE to bring dinner, artistic bowls


Katie Smith

An attendee of Bowls of Hope scrapes the last remains of a bowl of soup with a slice of bread on Feb. 25, 2014 in the St. Charles Borromeo Church. An assortment of soups and hand-crafted bowls were made available to each participant. dessert auction took place directly after dinner.

Cassie Buchman, City Editor

The Housing, Outreach, Prevention, and Education of East Central Illinois will be having their 11th Bowls of HOPE, a dinner to help raise money for the center, on Tuesday, February 17.

The fundraiser will be at 5 to 7 p.m. in St. Charles Borromeo Church in 921 Madison Ave in Charleston.

The night will consist of a soup dinner, live music, and the chance for attendees to bring home a bowl hand-made by a local artist.

Althea Pendergast, the executive director of HOPE, said Bowls for HOPE is an annual event, created to raise funds for various programs in the prevention of domestic violence.

These programs include a 24-hour hotline, legal advising, public education, and more.

“Artists have donated bowls, (we will) have soup, dessert, and an auction during the evening,” Pendergast said.

The auction will consist of more bowls donated by the artists.

Pendergast said in previous years, they have had up to about 200 people attend.

“It ends up being something the county looks forward to,” she said.

Pendergast said she anticipates the turnout being the same this year.

The idea for Bowls of HOPE came from a HOPE board member from years ago, who created pottery pieces.

“It was a great way for artists to support (us) here at HOPE,” Pendergast said. “It has continued to grow since then.”

Along with raising money for different programs, Bowls of HOPE also spreads awareness about HOPE and what they do.

“I hope (people who come to BOWLS of HOPE will) learn a little bit more about what they’re attending,” said Pendergast. “(I also) hope they’ll enjoy an evening of good food and good entertainment.”

She said would like for people who attend the fundraiser to think about stopping violence in the Charleston. Community.

Cost of entry and dinner will be $5. To receive a dinner and a handcrafted bowl, attendees will have to pay $15.

Pendergast said there is still room for people to give bowls.

“If there are artists out there who’d like to donate bowls, we still need some,” she said. “(This is) an opportunity for students to help as well.”

Tickets will be available at the night of Bowls of HOPE at the door, or people can reserve them by calling the HOPE center.

More information can be found on HOPE’s website, www.hope-eci.org, or on their Facebook page.


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