College pauses your full-time life

Olivia Diggs, Assistant Online Editor

Let us be realistic about college right quick. It has been the roughest four to five years of my life.I have barely had time for it.

I have played many roles here at Eastern throughout my time here. I have been a Conference Assistant, a Resident Assistant, on the executive board of Pride, I currently work for The Daily Eastern News, The Warbler Yearbook, The Student Community Service Office, and The Doudna Fine Arts Center.

And I know I am not the only student on the entirety of this campus who has had a busy Eastern career like me.

Now this is not a column for the 4.0 students. This is a sermon from us regular folk to professors all over.

This is a column that my brothers and sisters from the 2.4-3.2 gpa will understand perfectly.This is for all of the students who have four jobs and four classes. This is for all the single mothers, and part -time students with full time lives.

College professors need to understand that class for us is hard to make it to sometimes.

If I am late by four minutes, with some of the rules that are in professor’s syllabuses, I might as well not even come to class because I will already be told to turn around and leave.

I might as well not even come if class started at 12:30 and it is 12:36 because I will have already lost participation or professionalism points.

Do not even get me started on those professors who give quizzes at the “beginning of class.”If you are one of those professors who give quizzes at the “beginning” of class, but choose to talk to us for ten to fifteen minutes about information that will NOT appear on the quiz knowing GOOD and WELL that I had literally 20 minutes to cram in all the information that I needed to know, I will be awfully upset.

By the time that you even hand out the quiz, 50% of the information that I thought I knew has already left me.

Now let us talk about those classes that are an hour and fifteen minutes.

Can you PLEASE realize that you have probably said everything you have needed to actually say to me in the first 50 minutes that I have been sitting here?

Not that those last ten minutes to make it to a full hour could not be bad enough, the last fifteen minutes are a killer! Why are you standing up their chit chatting with me at this point, basically? Do you not have somewhere else to be as well?

Can you not hear the person snoring and gurgling their spit behind me and to the left? Can you not see my leg over here jumping because I am ready to go?

I am just saying. My life is busy. My schedule is busy. Let the class out five minutes earlier so I can get a minute to breathe before my next engagement.

The last five minutes that you feel you need to spend talking will not make or break the grade that I receive in your course.

And do not DARE ask the general population of students if they have any questions in the last two minutes of class.

There is always that someone who does actually have a question and feels that they need to ask it while we are all still sitting there—fighting tooth and nail to not jump out of our seats and run out of the classroom, and then suddenly another student actually takes the chance to ask.

I might as well just die in my seat right then and there! People; just ask your question after class! Some of us have places to be!

I barely had time to write this column.

Olivia Diggs is a a senior family consumer science  major can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].