Spring enrollment numbers to be determined

Debby Hernandez, Associate News Editor

The 10-day census, which determines how many students are enrolled for the Spring 2015 semester, will be announced Tuesday.

President Bill Perry said since the university was closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, numbers will be distributed one day later than their anticipated release on Monday.

Since the census is determined by the 10th day of classes and classes were not in session Jan. 19, the observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day was not recognized as one of the 10 days.

Abiding to federal regulations, the Office of Financial Aid recalculates federal, state and institutional student aid awards by the 10th day of classes.

The recalculated aid will be based on the census-date enrollment status.

The census numbers will be available for press release when the director of the Department of University Marketing and Communications signs off on the numbers, which is expected to be done by the end of the week.

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